Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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OCTO Telematics, global leader of telematics services, launches in Spain the app Octo U, which offers the driver the ability to continue and improve their driving and show it attached to the Convention with Octo insurers so that they reward them. OCTO U is a free app that uses algorithms Octo Telematics to rate it the habit of driving and allow custom insurance "pay per use" or "payment as I drive" to your users, based on their behavior behind the wheel. OCTO U previously estimated behavior behind the wheel of the drivers before installing a device in the car (Octo Clear Box), which allows to obtain risk profiles to calculate insurance premiums. The app provides a score added, impartial and consistent of the driving of the vehicle owner's, specific to your driving environment.

How the Octo U app

It uses a unique algorithm based on GPS technology data-retrieving, to collect travel information and classify each path based on factors such as speed, braking and acceleration. It also takes into account external variables such as weather and road and traffic conditions, to determine the score of the driver through the app.
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For example, in the United Kingdom, drivers with good scores are rewarded with discounts on your insurance through a panel of associated insurance companies. OCTO has posed the model with its insurance partners to launch this model in one increasingly larger number of international markets, including Spain.

"Apps that monitor exercises began the trend of auto-measuring and we are applying that concept to give drivers a better self-awareness about their behavior on the road. By offering them a score we're putting control back in the hands of drivers", says Davide De Sanctis, Country Manager of Octo in Spain and Portugal.

Once downloaded and registered directly from Apple Store, and Google Play Octo U begins immediately to collect data on the movements of the conductor.

The app collects and sends data from the front end of the mobile device to the back end of intelligence, which analyzes the trip in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the scoring mechanism.

The application detects, reconstructs and analyzes the events that occurred during the trip, such as sudden braking, rapid acceleration, excessive speed or way of taking curves.

Using a sophisticated algorithm-own GPS, Octo is capable of calculating the "g force" generated during the events of driving without the corruption inherent in non-fixed accelerometer data. OCTO U then assigns a score to the trip.

OCTO U is more reliable that similar applications because of the precision of his algorithm, which is constantly learning: the more time is best used on road, and further defines the PPP driver image.

The algorithm of calculation property of Octo U is also capable of detecting whether or not a trip is valid and reject it when the user is traveling on a train or a bus, not car or motorcycle. Users can mark trips that have been passed or have used public transport.

Features of the app Octo U
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. Available in several languages. OCTO U can download in Spanish, Italian, French, German and English.

. Connection with wearables. The user data in apps as relating to the activity and lifestyle Fitbit and Jawbone are integrated with Octo U to contribute to the definition of the behavior behind the wheel.

. Integration with Octo U Find. OCTO U Find is a small Bluetooth device that helps you find objects: keys, mobile, bag, your pet... Using Octo U from the mobile, you can visualize its position and activate Octo U Find ringtone to find them.

. Weather data in real time. The app integrates the best sets of external data available, relative to the time of the trip, including maps Here and adding weather information from The Weather Channel, in order to provide more complete algorithm available in the market driving score.

. Automatic operation. The app also has a function of automatic, offering automated travel functionality, without the need of the user having to start and stop the app start and stop, which facilitates the recording of travel.

. Integration with social networks. OCTO U is also fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so that drivers can add friends to their activities, decide who follow and what you share, and set your privacy settings accordingly.

"Octo aims much higher than simply to offer the best application of driving market with Octo U," sen